• Elisaveta Sivas art

    Unique One Of A Kind Intellectual Sculptures

  • Elisaveta Sivas art

    Unique One Of A Kind Intellectual Sculptures

Elisaveta Sivas art


Elisaveta Sivas art
Elisaveta's painting and mixed media art is always concentrated on the interactions between people and tries to feel their deepest emotions. The artist is served by the Mediterranean colors and tells stories of love, eros and evolution to the human species. Through her artworks, she gives the viewer the stimulus to travel, to dream and to find or to create her/his own utopia.
Elisaveta Sivas sculpture


Elisaveta Sivas's work is a great example of modern sculpture. Elisaveta achieves amazing composition and proportion. Her sculpture has a strong expression of feeling and shows a research of emotion and human psychology. In her sculptures, Elisaveta is celebrating the feeling of true love, friendship, emotion, passion. She is mastering perfectly ceramic sculpture skills and is always demanding a very high standard of perfection in each detail.

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Elisaveta Sivas’s artwork is an allegorical interpretation of Human nature, existence, experiences. It is a meaningful story told in the form of symbolic figures and interactions between them, filled with intellectual messages delivered in aesthetical form. The viewer could continue Elisaveta’s story or could create her/his own one, reflect, meditate, contemplate, dream...

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Elisaveta Sivas


Original oil painting, Horse art, large oil on canvas, ceramic sculpture, original drawing, canvas art, contemporary artwork

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