You Need Two Wings to Fly

This sculpture has a story. I had one wing left from some decoration or toy and an idea came to me to make a man who will have one wing, but will still manage to fly. I wanted to give to the sculpture the title "You can fly even with one wing", which will describe the situation when people manage to succeed even when they do not have all the means needed or they could be strong even when life is difficult. But after I have created a man with one wing, it happened to me to hurt my hand, so I could not work for few days. I felt myself how it was difficult to work with one hand. It seemed to me that the man was asking me to give him a second wing. After all with two wings or with two hands we become stronger and it is easier to fly. I could not refuse him and has given him two wings. The result is a slightly different sculpture and idea, because with two excellent wings we can fly better for our inspiration, towards our goal.
  • Original one of a kind clay sculpture with metal wings
  • 23 cm high, 13 cm wide, 17 cm deep (9" high, 13" wide, 17" deep)
  • Can be delivered by courier with tracking number or DHL/other to your country
  • Authenticity certificate is included

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Original oil painting, Horse art, large oil on canvas, ceramic sculpture, original drawing, canvas art, contemporary artwork

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